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Special: 2 Eggs, Ham &
3.90 Cozy Dog 2.05
2 Eggs, Bacon & Toast 4.00 Hamburger 2.40
2 Eggs, Sausage & Toast 4.00 Dbl Hamburger 3.70
2 Eggs & Toast 2.80 Cheeseburger 2.95
Hashbrowns 1.80 Dbl Cheeseburger 4.60
French Toast (3) 3.30 Chilli Cheeseburger 4.45
Pancakes (3) 3.30 Hot Dog 2.05
Bacon & Egg Sandwich 3.40 Chilli Dog 2.45
Sausage & Egg Sandwich 3.40 Chilli Cheese Dog 2.65
Ham & Egg Sandwich 3.40 Cheese Dog 2.45
Bacon Sandwich 2.90 Pork Tenderloin 3.45
Sausage Sandwich 2.90 Ham & Cheese Sand 3.20
Ham Sandwich 2.90 BBQ Sandwich 3.50
Egg Sandwich 2.30 Grill Cheese 2.35
Toast 0.95 Chicken Bites 3.50
Soft Drinks or Ice Tea French Fries:
Kids (12 oz.) 1.55 Med 2.40
Med (20 oz.) 1.75 Large 3.40
Large (32 oz.) 2.05 Onion Rings 2.05
Bottled Route 66 Root Beer 1.95 Mushrooms 2.05
Milk 1.65 Cheese Sticks 2.55
Orange Juice 1.25 Cole Slaw 1.40
Coffee 1.51 Potato Salad 1.40
Bottled Water 1.25 Chilli-Bowl 3.25
Soup-Bowl 2.25
Cheese Sauce 0.75
Nacho Chips 2.65
4 Cozy Dogs & Large Fry 10.00 6 Cozy Dogs 10.70
4 Hamburgers & Large Fry 11.50 12 Cozy Dogs 20.50
4 Cheeseburgers & Large Fry 13.50
Lettuce 0.25 Ice Cream Sandwich 0.90
Tomato 0.50 Chocolate Ice Cream Cup 0.90
Cheese 0.75 Rainbow Sherbert Cup 0.90
DAILY SPECIALS 5.30 Vanilla Ice Cream Cup 0.90
Chilli & Med Fry Monday SATURDAY SPECIAL
2 Cozy Dogs & Med Fry Tuesday  6 Cozy Dogs – 10.50
Pork Tenderloin & Med Fry Wednesday
2 Hot Dogs & Med Fry Thursday  KIDS SPECIALS
Double Hamburger & Med Fry Friday Cozy Dog, Kids Fry, Kids Drink 4.00
Hot Dog, Kids Fry, Kids Drink 4.00
Hamburger, Kids Fry, Kids Drink 4.45
Cheeseburger, Kids Fry, Kids Drink 4.80

Prices are subject to change